Friday, January 28, 2011


I was so far from you
yet to me we're always so close,
i wanted to last in the dark,
i closed my eyes to all the signs,
you put on my way,
i walked everyday,
further n furher away from you,
Allah you brought me home
i thank you with every breath i take

ALL praises to Allah2x

i never thought about
All the things that you've given to me
i never thankned ur warns
i was too proud to see the truth,
and prostrate to you,
until i took the first steps
and that's why  You open d doors,
for me,
Now Allah i realize that what i was missing,
by beig far from you

Allah i wann thank you 
i wanna thank you 4 all the things 
that's you've done
you've done for me through all my years
i've been lost
you guided me from all the ways
taht were wrong
indeed you give me hope
Allah i wanna thank you
i wanna thank you for all the things
that's you have done
you have done for me through all my years
i've been lost
you guided e from all the ways
that were wrong
i wanna thank you for bringing me home

all praises to Allah2x

so, open our eyes, let's starts thingking about ourself, what we should do before we return home yet, thanks to Allah with everything that he was given, Allah offered us anything in diz world, only a little bit of us was so thankful to Allah..

Allah, i will coming to u...
accept me in harmony positions n peaceful,
don't blame at all my sins,
forgive me from the things that were wrong,
i'm only ur  humble,
thats always hoping ur forgiveness n blessings...
i know that,
i'm not deserve stayed n located at ur paradise,
i'm not willing to touch your hell..bcoz of thats places are very horrible ..
Ya ALLah, save me from hawiyah..

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Mum n Dad ..
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